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First Real Deal 25 for Class of 2013: Jabari Parker and Julius Randle top yet another list

2013 Real Deal 25The first version of the Real Deal 25 for the Class of 2013 is now released with the usual suspects topping the list. Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon join the Harrison twins (Andrew & Aaron) in the top-five.

Some notes on the list.

  • Jabari Parker takes the top spot, per usual.
  • Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon are basically 2a and 2b in my eyes. Randle gets the nod because he is a better player at this moment.
  • Andrew and Aaron Harrison are also basically a toss up. Andrew gets the nod because of his NBA-size (6-foot-5, 210 pounds) at the point guard position.
  • Only five members of the list have committed to colleges. Isaiah Hicks (UNC), Kasey Hill (Florida), Brannen Greene (Kansas), Nate Britt (UNC) and Matt Jones (Duke).

Click here to see the entire 2013 Real Deal 25.


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